Douglass CPo

a capstone orthopedic partner

Douglass Certified Prosthetics and Orthotics was founded by Kirk Douglass in 1995. The clinic has remained at it’s original location in Northgate for over 23 years, proudly serving Seattle and the surrounding cities.

Over the years, Douglass has been able to create a reputation within the local medical community for prompt service of its patients, thorough clinical experiences, and successful orthotic and prosthetic outcomes.

Recently, Douglass Certified Prosthetics & Orthotics became a proud partner of Capstone Orthopedic. Capstone Orthopedic is an orthotic and prosthetic company that originated in California in 2006. Capstone now has 11 clinics spanning from the Central Valley of California up to the Pacific Northwest in Seattle.

Capstone and Douglass are excited to be able to continue to provide the patient with the quality and consistent care that Douglass has demonstrated the past 23 years. In addition to that mission still holding true, together, we look forward to bringing you even more opportunities to thrive and live your best life!